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Lowestoft & Waveney


Volunteers form an essential part of our team and we welcome applications from all sections of the community.  If you have a disability or experience of caring for someone with a disability, we would be pleased to hear from you.

A DIAL volunteer would be asked to give one day a week between 9.30am and 3.30pm.  This could be in a variety of capacities, according to your individual skills and interests.  For instance, you could be dealing with admin, telephone or face-to-face enquiries or helping to fill in forms, such as Blue Badge forms. You will also need to attend monthly general meetings which are also training or information sessions. These last 2.5 hours, and travel expenses can be paid.

If you would like to apply, please contact our Office Manager,  Gemma Atkins at DIAL (see Contact us’ section) or to apply now to download and fill in the Volunteer Application Form (4d)


Why Volunteer’s are needed

We have been active in our community since 1986, dealing with any issue related to disability or caring.  We look at each person as a whole, dealing with immediate problems and also problems they may face later, not just what worries them today.  

We provide confidential long-term help for them, their carers and their families, providing options and possible outcomes to help them to make the decision that is best for their circumstances.  

We support people by telephone, letter, email, face-to-face and through outreach, office and home-visits by staff; by filling in forms, writing letters or calling on their behalf and by doing benefit checks and better-off calculations.


Our Aims

Our clients are always made to feel welcome and are free to call, no matter how large or small the problem.  Many people use us and have done so for many years, helping them cope with their daily challenges.  

Our initial aim is to reduce the immediate stress.  We then look at ways to improve their quality of life through maximising income, seeking support or equipment from other organisations.  We may also be able to suggest coping strategies and prepare them for any future challenges - we will be there to help with these, too.